Your best birth

Client Testimonials

"Honestly, I thought I would never need a doula in a hospital birth setting, but I would have been a huge mess if she wasn't there for me.  One of the best decisions I made for my pregnancy/birth."

- Marisa, first time mom


"I cannot even begin to express what the last week has been for our family.  But just to scratch the surface, I have to say that my birth was everything I had hoped and dreamed for thanks to a doula that was above and beyond, a sister that's love has no bounds, and a husband that gives more than I could ask for..."

- Mandy


"You are so calm and kind, with a little firecracker in you!  I instantly loved you and your demeanor the moment I met you! You brought a lot of fun and wish we could work together more - seeing your calming face and sweet smile through all the hard work helped Mandy get through the most challenging contractions. I'd share a Theo chocolate with you any day!"

- Rebecca, Birth photographer

"I am so grateful Erica was able to be such a positive and large part of my pregnancy and birth.  I really don't think we could have asked for someone more supportive of our choices and the type of birth I wanted.  The truth is, having twins was a  somewhat terrifying experience and one of my biggest goals was to not let fear get in the way of the type of birth and pregnancy I wanted. I didn't want to fall victim to the idea that my body wasn't capable of carrying them, nourishing them, and bringing them into this world on my terms.  During the birth, pregnancy and beyond, Erica has empowered me and reinforced the face that anything is possible, and that trusting my instincts and gut is the best way to go. During the birth she nailed the roles of cheerleader, pain relieved, toddler entertainer, husband support partner, and her presence greatly helped set the tone that this birth was happening on my terms and no one else's.  I can't begin to explain how thankful and happy I am that our family found her, and that she will forever be a part of our story. #teambadass #doulacalvary"

                                                                       -Katie aka Babs - Twin birth
"Thank you so much for your care and support! I don't think we could have done it without you."
                                                                            -Jessica - first time mom
"I could not have done this without Erica.  She was the calm voice that counted me through my contractions. For some reason, I wanted her to count as I squeezed her arm, and it turned into a mental game to see how soon I could let go and handle the contraction on my own.  Apparently during a series of them I said, "no more than 15" so she knew she had to count slow!"
                                                          -Emily - first time mom
"Erica, you helped me to be strong through the process, no matter how bad I wanted coffee or to not be so uncomfortable.  I looked to you for support! Thank you."
                                                                                 -Bruce - dad
"Erica you were absolutely amazing last night. My whole team was.  I'm so thankful for you, and I am SO thankful that I decided to have a doula. Best decision ever. Thank you - thank you!"
                                                                               -Stevie - first time mom